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Multi-agent systems (MAS) is one of the most interesting technologies that have emerged  in computer science in the last 20 years.  As it is said in the ATAL home page, one of the most important workshops on the area in the late 90's, "Agents are autonomous computer programs, capable of independent action in environments that are typically dynamic and unpredictable. Agents have proven to be of interest in many important application areas, such as electronic commerce on the Internet, the control of space probes on missions to the outer planets, the design of user interfaces, to industrial process control". Within the computer science community, this technology was used specially in problem solving. On the other hand, the models, software architectures and inplementations issued from the field could be very useful to another scientific discipline: social simulation. Social scientists usually need some computational testbeds to test their theories about social interaction or emergence of conventions, among others. The MABS workshop series aims to bring together researchers from artificial intelligence, computer science and social sciences interested in using multi-agent models and technology in social simulation. 

MABS has been held every two years from 1998 to 2002, and annually since then. The workshop is now one of the most successful international forum for presenting and publishing research on the theory and practice of multi-agent-based simulation.

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