Safety Analysis Group - GAS

The Safety Analysis Group - GAS belongs to the Department of Computer Engineering and Digital Systems (PCS) of the School of Engineering of the University of São Paulo (Poli-USP). The objective of GAS is to develop applied scientific research and to provide specialized consultancy related to cyber-physical systems in critical application domains, such as subway and railway transportation, air transportation, ground transportation, power distribution, petrochemical industry, nuclear power plants and medical systems. In this context, a dependable system is one which shall meet requirements for non-functional attributes such as reliability, availability, safety, maintainability, testability and security. These attributes, in turn, are determined accordingly to the characteristics of the application area in which the dependable system is used.

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Important Note: GAS has just opened a selection process for two new Master's Degree (MSc) students in a project with Vale. Check this article of our News section for further details.